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You've probably noticed School Interviews looks a little different, but don't worry - it works just the same. Unless you are looking at it on a mobile phone, in which case it works much better.

The old School Interviews was designed for computer users, with wide pages and small fonts to display as much information as possible on your monitor.

This doesn't work for mobile phones, and people booking on the old site were forced to do lots of zooming and scrolling. Early last year the number of people booking on a mobile device surpassed computer users for the first time, and we started work on a mobile-friendly version of School Interviews.

At the same time, we freshened up the design with new colours and a new logo. Our home page now shows real teachers in a real classroom, replacing the stock image of what we came to call "plastic lady" in front of a blackboard. We've re-written our marketing material to emphasise our value and values, improved the FAQ page, and updated our very comprehensive privacy policy.

But underneath all the bling, you'll find the same things on the same pages. We have tweaked a few things, but we're confident you'll find your way around without any trouble. And if you have any questions, our friendly support people are just a phone call or email away.

Last updated Thu 8 Feb 2018 by School Interviews Support.