MMMM... More Multi-Mode Meetings!

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Multi-mode meetings have been massively popular with both schools and parents, allowing schools to set up and switch between in-person, phone and video-conference meetings. But teachers prefer handling one type of meeting at a time, so we've just introduced multi-mode timetable blocks. Now it's easy to set up in-person meetings on one day and video-conference meetings on another.

Let's dive straight in. First of all, make sure you have more than one meeting mode enabled on the Meeting Modes page (link at the top of the EVENT page). Then when you add or edit a timetable block on the EVENT page, you'll see a new section which lets you set the meeting modes for that timetable block:

If you un-tick phone and video-conference for instance, parents will only be able to book in-person meetings during this timetable block. This makes it easy to set up a timetable like this:

The grey icons at the start of each line show that Tuesday allows in-person interviews only, Wednesday is phone meetings, and Thursday is video-conferences.

And if a teacher cannot not to do in-person meetings (perhaps they are isolating), you simply make them unavailable for Tuesday on the AVAILABILITY page. Then parents who choose an in-person meeting with that teacher will see a message explaining they aren't available for that type of meeting, and suggesting they choose another meeting mode.

And that's all there is to it. Another powerful feature made simple by School Interviews!

Last updated Wed 5 Oct 2022 by School Interviews Support.