Custom Fields - With a Twist!

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When parents make a booking, they have to enter their name and email address. But you can ask for other information too, by setting up custom fields. Read on to learn more about this useful feature, and also a new setting that makes it even more valuable.

What if you want to collect a parent's mobile number, emergency contact, or if children require supervision whilst interviews are happening? Simply set up a custom field for the information you need:

If you've used custom fields before, chances are you were frustrated when some parents didn't fill them in. In which case, you'll love the new optional/required setting, which lets you insist that parents complete the custom field before their booking is completed.

You can add up to three custom fields. Remember that parents will already have entered their name and email, so you don't need custom fields for these.

If your field requires a yes or no answer, add "(Y/N)" to the name to make this obvious. And note how we've made the first field required but the second field optional, because parents may leave it blank if they answered "N" in the first field.

If you are tempted to use a longer custom field name, consider adding special instructions (on the EVENT page) for Step 1 instead. So we could replace custom field 2 above with the much shorter "Supervised ages", and add a special instruction for step 1 saying something like:

We can provide child supervision in the school library while you attend interviews. To book this, enter "Y" under SUPERVISION REQUIRED, and the supervised children's ages in SUPERVISED AGES.

We used capitals for the form names, because all field names in our forms are converted to upper case, including custom fields. And here's the resulting page that parents will see:

Beautiful! Simple and easy for parents to fill in, but still getting all the information you need.

As always, if you've got any questions or just want to make sure you've got the setting right, just email or phone us via our CONTACT US page.

Happy Bookings!

Last updated Wed 13 Mar 2019 by MessageMyWay Support.